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If you’ve never been able to make it to one of my public classes, I’ve got some great news! Ms Nikki Nefarious is now scheduling bondage classes for individual, couples, small groups and large groups. Classes can be booked in one hour segments, up to four hours. I will also custom create a class according to your time frame and preferences.

Non-Bondage Classes:

  • Quicky Kinky: Bringing BDSM to Busy Couples
  • Creative Command: Exploring Dominance and Submission
  • Fulfilling Fantasies: The Art of Practical Role Play

Beginner Bondage Classes:

  • Beginner’s Bondage Basics: Cuffs, Ropes, Handling, & Methods
  • Harnesses: Choosing and Using the Right Rig for You
  • Assume the Position: Popular Positions from Ball to Strappado
  • Decorative/Artistic Bondage: Corsets, Gauntlets, & Fancy Knotwork
  • Sexy Bondage: Dynamic Bondage for Sexy Fun
  • Triple F: Bondage for the Feet, Face, and Fingers
  • Find Your Center: A Celebration of Bondage & Energy Play
  • Dynamic Bondage: Multi-Position Rigs for Efficient Riggers

Not-So-Beginner Bondage Classes:

  • Human Furniture & Living Centerpieces: Bondage & Objectification
  • What a Predicament: Predicament Perils for Pleasure and Pain
  • Speed Thrills: Speed Bondage Drills and Problem Solving
  • Binders Keepers: Fantasy Damsel Takedown Tips
  • Inescapable Bondage: It IS possible, no matter how they squirm
  • Advanced Harnesses: Weight-bearing and Advanced Techniques
  • Bound, On the Edge: Bondage for Pain and Restriction
  • Held in Suspense: Partial Suspension Safety and Technique

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